Summer 2011 Men’s Hairstyles

9:20 PM

If last summer collections of hair of the men had staked everything on the natural and this winter, sophistication and charm have come back, it seems that this summer, hairstyles men repeat these trends, making the taste of spring.  

Among sexy hair cuts hair gels elegant, unstructured or the famous "tousled head," natural blends sophistication, elegance, sexy, worked "out of bed." Anice mix of money!

In Provost, short neck and sides, leaving sexy lengths at the top, working his finger with a few drops of gel setting. We work in small ridge or taking a backward movement of a male gaze to the James Dean ... hot! 

Jean-Louis David is grown angel face with a glass smooth and unstructured. Lengths remains at the top of the head are not defined, limited in all directions so that the "natural but not too much!. For a retroactive effect that brings the hair on the back of the head and a lateral with a good dose of eye ointment for 30 years assumed. In a style a bit more "wild", we use a fixative to form an elegant banana and rock mass

In Fabio Salsa, it seems that collections of hair of the man are the word giventhe this year. "From a distance of Europe", the sides are very short, almost shaved, and onceagain is the length we are doing the lion's share of finger force to the effect

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