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Basically, this haircut stems from the old school “hockey mullet” where a player grew the back of thier hair long enough to stick out the bottom of the hemet. This was adapted by the preppy stoners who wore tri-bar hats with thier favorite college on the front. The idea here was to have long enough hair so the sides would curl around the edges of said hat. some of The preppy stones played “lax” freshmen and sophmore year (before realizing summer stick conflicted with the summer tour, whereupon the flip turned into dreads). The remaining laxers took the hair and grew it longer, evolving (or degrading) into the full blown lax “flow,” which has been in the press lately thanks to the VA Lax bro beating his gf to death. Fairfield County is like the Paris of preppy fashion, so what they do, the rest of the lax world follows. Justin Bieber, coming from Canada, the birthplace of lacrosse, was probably too small to play competitively after the age of about 7, but he still needed the hair so as not to feel left out. And that is what lead to the final incantation now sweeping the country. Every teenager now looks like the bastard child of Linda Evangelista and George Huguely.

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